a4c5653a91c49be1102201736cf552a4 (1)Ben the Illustrator is excited by shapes, form, movement and colour. The tip of a pine-tree, the wave before it drops, the corner of a building, the curve of an eyebrow; he find these forms exciting. A kingfisher’s feathers, new sneakers, new sunrises, orange Lego blocks; he find these colours exciting. Ben believes that in life we’re provided with endless forms and colours and he excitedly recreates them in his illustration work, he enjoys creating exciting illustration, illustration that excites people.

He is a highly experienced illustrator, renowned for a positive, creative outlook and a solid understanding of commercial design, the visual arts and successful business. Ben relishes diversity and welcome all opportunities; large or small, print or digital, editorial, advertising, publishing, interiors, fashion, surface patterns, murals and any other world beyond.