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Get Inspired for 2017

We’ve curated a fantastic selection of illustrations showcasing some of the group’s best work from 2016.  We hope it serves as inspiration for the great possibilities of 2017.  Illustration is a wonderful, evolving medium and illustrators have found increasingly relevant ways to utilize their talents.  The first section focuses on self-initiated work and leads off with fun animations, one of the growing areas within illustration.  There are also great examples on how graphic design and lettering have made their way into illustration.  There is also plenty of demand for more traditional work, tapping into the organic trend.  Within advertising and packaging, you’ll see published pieces for Disney, Pinterest, BMW, McDonalds, Little Debbies and the Royal Mail.  Be sure to scroll down to see some pretty amazing editorial and publishing work.

Personal Work

Eran Mendel‘s animated characters are sure to make you chuckle


Oliver Sin chose his contribution to The Monster Project, where professional illustrators re-interpret childrens’ monster drawings. Oliver is our most popular animator.  See his animation portfolio:


Amanda Lima chose a GIF from ‘The Most                         Zutto made a GIF in her style for self promo
Haunted Places in the World’ Halloween series
lima zutto-gif








Tim Boelaars designed some graphic plants for his piece ‘Bluegreenery’


Luke Lucas made a screen-print of a 26 letter monogram he created for an exhibition in Australia called Louder Than Letters


Amy DeVoogd illustrated this summery page for the Mendola 2017 calendar

Aaron Sacco was inspired by street life in Austin


Hugh Syme‘s surreal work is more than a little unnerving

Shark Frenzy --- Image by © Denis Scott/CORBIS
Laura Barrett worked in her intricate silhouette style to create ‘Autumnal Fox’


Poked Studio is great at creating whimsical worlds in a 3D style, such as this piece “Consoles in Furry Land”


Tom Newsom – What is Christmas without some of Tom’s classic Santa illustrations?


Julia Green worked on some fantastical illustrations for self promo


James Boast played with pretty botanical pattern design


Ben the Illustrator asked people on Twitter what their dream workspace looked like, and created this from the answers


James Shepherd created a kid on a sugar high                                Kenny Kiernan worked on a more dimensional style
for self promo

james-shepherd kenny-kiernan-playground-swings-web



Kate Forrester did some lovely lettering work for a poster for Disney’s Dream Big, Princess campaign

© Mikael Buck / Disney

Anna Hurley made some cute illustrations of Pinterest employees’ memories for a memory box


Kim & James Neale worked with Spinmaster to create this fun promo image for the Disney movie “Zootopia”


Russell Benfanti made a Halloween scene with a friendly ghost for Lovegrown cereal


Jude Buffum had the awesome job of illustrating a page for the BMW art book

No Turn on Red

Jeff Wack illustrated some very hip birds for this Ted Baker ad


Echo Chernik worked on some magical posters for Ballet West’s “The Nutcracker”

Dahl Taylor illustrated the cover for Boston Beer’s annual report in a nice chalkboard style


Mick McGinty worked on packaging art for Boston Beer’s Angry Orchard cider


Joe Taylor created this poster for Actors                                        Jim Talbot took on the classic Muffin Man for
Gymnasium school and Temperance Beer Company                  packaging for McKee Foods
who collaborate to raise money for the school and
entertainment for the brewpub

AG Temperance3 12x18muffin-man-color-jt5_talbot

Robert Hynes  illustrated farm animals for an ad for Safeway Corporation
Mona Daly worked with Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation to create a poster for a race event in Oregon



Andrey Gordeev  illustrated ad work with TBWA Shanghai for McCafemccafe-3

Miracle Studios‘ “The Specialist Strip”, was done for a tech company called TTI


Chris Wormell designed some adorable stamps with hibernating animals for the Royal Mail UK


Jim Kopp designed an industrial site plan for Inland Empire Utilities Agency



Lindsey Spinks did some promo illustration work for the Science Museum in London! The work was featured on posters, mugs, and other fun merchandise.




Kirsten Ulve captured some culture for “The Art of Buying Art” for 5280 Denver Magazine


Daniel Long illustrated some window shoppers for Financial Times’ feature on Christmas books


T.M. Detwiler  got futuristic for St. Louis Magazine and an article about Pixar’s vision for the future of movies in VR


The Image Foundation made a surreal 3D illustration for an article about wanderlust for Wired Germany


Heidi Schmidt illustrated this graphic piece for                                              Sam Ward was commissioned by the
International Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association                                    Affairs Forum for a story about our system
piece about how to make great climbs and descents                                     of manipulation, corruption and control                                                                                                                                                       by billionaires, banks and corporations












Lucy Rose worked with Deloitte University Press to                          Tom Froese designed the Christmas cover
make an illustration about professional cybercrime and                  for Canadian magazine, The Walrus
how organisations can manage cyber risk


Laurindo Feliciano illustrated one of the year’s biggest losses for an article about a lack of men’s celebrity style icons today for the British magazine Mr Porter


Michael Crampton illustrated a cool, retro pullout                   Arthur Mount did some spots for CCO Magazine
for Baku magazine                                                                            about improving content strategy


Matt Cook did some reportage sketches at The Times



Andrew Davidson illustrated a new book, ‘Tales of the Peculiar’ with his gorgeous woodcuts. Andrew’s art won a silver medal in the Society of Illustrators annual show


Caroline Attia chose an illustration from her first book, ‘Monsieur Martin’ published by Maison Eliza


Lucy Davey designed this graphic cover for a book                            Heather Gatley painted a market scene and hand
published by Macmillan USA                                                               lettered this cover for Little Brown Books

davey gatley

Rachel Saunders illustrated an adorable cover for                                Rob Ball worked to illustrate covers for the
this Rudyard Kipling classic for Puffin Books,                                       Kuromori series for Egmont Publishing
Penguin Random House




Christopher Nick painted illustrations for this book out by Oklahoma Heritage Foundation