Chase Rees 1Chase Rees is an award winning cinematographer and editor out of Houston, Texas. With a unique eye and editor’s train of thought, he brings new trends and perspectives to his projects.

From acquiring achievements in academic performance and student of the year awards, Chase quickly found his place in film. The New York Times chose “Scuttle Snails” as one of 2009’s four viral must-see videos. In 2010, Pale’s “Catastrophic Skies” generated enormous buzz and was #1 on China’s MOJO video’s of the year. He continued to garner acclaim throughout the next few years and in 2011 was the Cinematographer and Post Production Supervisor for HBO Documentary’s “Ann Richards’ Texas”. Shortly after in 2012, he began filming “The Short Game”, which was selected as Netflix’s first original documentary.

With his experience in documentary filmmaking he brought a breath of fresh air
to Texas Southern University’s recruitment effort in 2013 and sparked new life into
UTHealth Systems video production and marketing. Chase has also spent the last few
years working very closely with the Bush family, helping Barbara Bush’s Celebration of
Reading charity achieve new heights. From world leaders to national non-profits, Chase
is comfortable in any room.

He is currently the Co-Owner of Rees Media. Constantly finding new ways to
reach broader audiences, Chase continues to push his work to new heights. Whether it
feature documentaries, fashion films, time lapse projects, music videos or corporate based
projects, capturing his audience’s imagination will always be his motivation.