Echo_Portrait-Banner_670Echo has over fifteen years of experience as a professional commercial artist in the advertising field, and five years as an instructor of graphics and digital illustration at Pratt Institute, Westchester Community College, Marymount Manhattan and Skidmore CCI. She specializes in art-nouveau influenced poster design, advertisements, package design and book covers.

She is a traditionally trained artist – graduate of Pratt Institute, sumac cum laude (presidents award for academic excellence). A traditional background in art focuses on skills such as drawing and painting as well as perspective and color theory. This allows the artist to translate their concept into whatever media best suits the job – resulting in a very versatile artist, who is not limited by any one medium.

what does the -x stand for in echo-x?
the x represents a variable, which in programming terms, means that it can be substituted for nearly anything. For example: x=illustrator, x=3d texture artist, x=instructor, and so forth. It is representative of a wide and varied range of skills and talents.

She is currently working out of the studio in southwest Florida for a change of scenery and inspiration (from New York City). When not illustrating, she also enjoys 3D modeling, kick boxing, target shooting, studying Japanese, baking and outings to the park with her daughters.

Media: Echo works in both raster and vector formats – beginning with a scanned drawing and manipulating it in Photoshop, Illustrator or painter programs as well as the occasional 3D program. She is also fluent in traditional media, although she prefers digital.


SILVER 2011 ENnie Awards “Best RPG Cover” – Attitude
FIRST PLACE 2010 Origins Award “Best RPG Related” – Attitude
FIRST PLACE 2009 Origins Award “Best Contemporary” – Pie Cthulhu
SECOND PLACE 2009 Origins Award “Best Contemporary” – Queen of Hearts
THIRD PLACE 2009 Origins Award “Fans’ Choice” – Queen of Hearts
GOLD 2008 37th Annual Creativity Awards – El Conquistador
BRONZE 2008 Creative Shake Design Awards – Arlo Guthrie’s Lost World Tour
HONORABLE MENTION 2008 37th Annual Creativity Awards – Hype Girl 2
HONORABLE MENTION 2008 37th Annual Creativity Awards – Connecticut Operas
GOLD 2007 Create Magazine – The Spirit of Navigation
GOLD 2007 Create Magazine – Rocket Dog Shoes
SILVER 2007 Create Magazine – Tosca
GOLD 2007 – Soot Sucks!
SILVER 2007 – Tosca
GOLD 2006 Create Magazine – Hype Girl
GOLD 2006 “HP’s Best Illustration” – Hype Girl
GOLD 2006 “Gold” – Hype Girl
GOLD 2006 Aphrodisia “Best in Category – Pin-Up” – Hype Girl