cerny-251x300Michael began his career as a journalist for CBS and ABC traveling the world writing and directing feature stories for broadcast. Michael’s knack for delivering the human connection and emotional center of a story brought him to the attention of commercial agents.

Since moving on from the world of broadcast journalism, Michael has enjoyed a successful career as a commercial director. Utilizing his acquired skill from his previous career, Michael gained prominence with his ear for dialogue and the ability to deliver compelling, believable characters and beautiful film to award winning campaigns for such international clients as Lockheed Martin, IBM, Ford and Tim Horton’s. While Michael’s key strength has always been his ability with actors, his skill with non-performers has won him accolades in the advertising world. Michael’s film experiences have taken him throughout North America and Europe working with local production entities applying his high standards of filmmaking. Over the years his work has not been defined by a category but by the originality, the impact and the success of the stories he tells.

Michael Cerny is a Director with Mechaniks commercial production company based in Los Angeles.