Every October, artists around the world dedicate themselves to drawing every day for an entire month. This challenge, called Inktober, gives illustrators the chance to freely test new styles, draw unexpected subject matter, and get to know their community. This ambitious project is admirable to attempt as a busy freelance illustrator. Keep scrolling to take a look at a few of our favorite Inktober illustrations from this year.

Orlando Arocena, the innovative vector illustrator, stepped away from a screen and embraced pen and paper for Inktober. The way he layers pens and markers reflects his similar approach to intricate vector images. Check out Orlando’s Instagram to see the full series.

Jude Buffum, the brilliant 8-bit pixel illustrator, invented his own Inktober spin off for other pixel artists called Blocktober. This was Blocktober’s second year, and over 100 pixel artists participated. His theme this year was “Myths and Legends,” reproducing the scariest ancient monsters and infusing them with his sharp sense of humor. Check out Jude’s Instagram to see the full series.