Rocco Baviera/Jones & Company collaborate for Publix’s H2O Campaign

Publix art director Kim Cook was charmed by Rocco Baviera’s organic, painterly approach to vector illustration. His unique style perfectly represented Publix’s H2O campaign. The campaign culminated in a 60 second animated video, however, so Kim requested that illustrator and animator Jones & Company join the project to lead the animation aspect. Rocco created a series of still frames, which explored Publix’s partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation using themes of reforestation, clean water, and reducing waste with reusable bags. Then, Jones & Company took these images and playfully animated them to create a seamless narrative. These two Mendola artists’ teamwork brought Publix’s most recent sustainability campaign to life.

See the video collaboration here:

Animation Storyboard:

Rocco’s reusable grocery bag design

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