Tofunmi Yosola is a UK-based illustrator and artist who uses whimsical lines and vivid colors to bring her and her clients’ visions to life.

Tofunmi’s practice is rooted in a lifelong love of drawing dramatic and pensive figures. As a child, she drew inspiration from cartoons, anime and manga with striking visuals, powers and dramatic fashion. She seeks to inspire feelings of euphoria or tranquility in her illustrations, just like the fantasy and sci- fi shows that have inspired her from childhood.

Tofunmi works in bitmap/raster layers. Her sketches often start in pencil and paper or on her tablet. She then adds colors, shadows and layers of textures on her laptop to make her images bold and powerful. 

Tofunmi’s mission is to keep developing her skills, concepts and understanding of the fundamentals of illustration and business, help fellow artists and the creative industry as she gains knowledge, and continually improve on creating a streamlined customer journey for her clients whilst delivering exceptional results that convey an understanding of good design.

Tofunmi Yosola, pronounced Toh-foo-me Yuh-Suh-lah, are her first and middle names.