pict0919-14Tom was born in 1944 in La Grange, Texas. While working on an engineering degree at the University of Texas at Arlington, he finally yielded to his natural inclination toward art. Having found his true calling he was accepted at Art Center College of Design in California and graduated with a major in illustration in 1971.

Doing many odd jobs that came along, Tom worked as a freelance artist doing portraits at amusement parks. He started doing illustrations for children’s books while in school which has continued through out his career. Working for many publishers and ad agencies, particularly for children book publishers such as Avon and Scholastic, Tom has created over 300 illustrations for paperback book covers, in addition to many illustrations for books. Although still a highly sought after book illustrator, Tom has defined his talent in fine art and his ability to tell a story with his painting creating some of the most amazing works of art.

Tom is a privileged member of the NASA art team and in 1983 he was invited to observe a shuttle launch. He has done several pieces of art for the agency which has recently been on a touring show for NASA.

In 1981 Tom and Carol moved to Colorado where they fell in love with mountain living and the wildlife it has to offer. Their lives revolve around their art work and two sons, Andy and Philip, who both are artists like their parents! Tom and Carol currently live in Kittredge, Colorado where they maintain their collaborative art studio and are active members in the local art associations.