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Amazing Animation

Many of our illustrators seamlessly transition from still images to animation, bringing their characters to life. We cannot get enough of the endlessly creative approaches to storytelling our artists come up with. Whether it is through minimalist vector images or hyper realistic CGI renderings, they push their unique styles even further to create clever narratives filled with excitement and often a dash of humor.

Emanuele Colombo’s lighthearted approach to animating important campaigns including anti-bullying, voting, and social justice, creates compelling videos.

BlindSalida cleverly animates his flat, vector style to give his 2D work layers of dimension for short GIFs and longer informational videos.

Brian Gossett‘s cool and collected approach to line and color translates brilliantly into unique animated narratives.

Agent Bob transports you into a bolder and better reality with his CGI masterpieces.

Eran Mendel will win you over with his quirky character designs and sense of humor.

Caroline Attia‘s playful animations effectively communicates any topic to people of all ages.

Poked Studio taps into our inner child, inspiring us all to be more imaginative with their bubbly universes and fantastic creatures.

Bill Ledger convinces his viewer that every animal is approachable and adorable.

Jones & Company‘s clean and colorful animations effectively communicate a brand’s message and entertain their audience.