Marco was born in Tuscany, Italy, to a British family. Marco has spent most of his childhood between London and Lucca, a small medieval village close to Florence. He started his first freelance business when he was 20 years old, and has been working since as a graphic designer and illustrator. During the last three years, he has been living between Ashland, Oregon, USA, and Chiang Mai, Thailand, where so many of his illustrations took inspiration. His home country for the years to come is going to be Frankfurt, Germany, where he will be living with his wife and newborn son.

He loves creating artworks that tell a story through colors and contrast, through negative spaces and shadows. He loves to use simple hue palettes, a limited amount of colors, stylized shapes, and rough natural edges. He pays great attention to composition, applying photography-like rules to achieve balance and readability. Simplicity is his master.