Miracle Studios’ owner and founder, Terry Tidwell, has been drawing comic strips since he was four years old. He loves comics and believes it’s the optimum medium for conveying information and entertainment. The engineer, turned comic artist, began his career with Marvel and DC comics. Storytelling is at the base of everything Miracle Studios produces, whether it be Comic Strips, Comic Books, Pop Art, Concept Illustration, Storyboards or Comic Book style illustration. Terry and his band of comic book professionals can get your project done, whether it’s a single illustration or a 22 page comic book. Miracle’s clients have included the pharmaceutical industry, book publishers, Warner Brothers, Walmart, Scholastic, MacDonalds, Scientific American, Boy’s Life Magazine, The Chicago Cubs and many more. He and his team works digitally via Cintiq tablets, using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Clip Studio Paint.

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