Rocco Baviera is an award-winning illustrator and designer whose work is stylish and playful with a monumental sense of scale. He has the ability to distill abstract ideas into concise, graphic narratives. “What you leave out is just as important as what you put in.”

Inspired by vintage design as well as the natural world, his vector based, digital work has an organic, tactile quality through the use of textures and hand drawn elements. Rocco’s work can be seen all over the world in campaigns for academic, healthcare, and financial institutions, on grocery store signage, retail products, books, and in magazines. He lives along the Bruce Trail of the Niagara Escarpment with his wife(also an illustrator and graphic designer) and daughter, along with their dog, cat and bunny.

Clients include the World Wildlife Fund, Ontario Parks, Mayo Clinic, UW Medicine, Penn Vet, American Academy of Family Physicians, Deloitte, KeyBank, Wall Street Journal Asia, Washington Post, The Progressive, Grammy Awards, Playboy Jazz Festival, Clarks Shoes(UK), Publix, Taxi, Natural American Spirit, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Awards include The Society of Illustrators in New York, Communication Arts, Applied Arts, Child Magazine, the Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington and the American Library Association.

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