Mike Wimmer is an award winning professional artist living in Georgia with an international reputation as an artist. Mike currently serves as Professor of Illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, GA and formerly served as the Distinguished Visiting Artist at the School of Visual Arts in the Petree College of Arts and Sciences at Oklahoma City University. He maintains his Portrait studio in Savannah, GA. where he takes commissions from all over the United States. Mike has had the honor of painting some of the most important people in the United States and relishes the relationships that he has developed through the process of painting their portraits. He has also been featured in an Emmy Award winning production of the television series “Gallery” which runs on OETA. Mike’s goals have remarkably stayed the same throughout his career: “The details help tell the story.” The details are not only found in his paintings, but in his life as a teacher, a husband and a father. These goals are wrapped up in his personal motto; “Learn It, Live It, and Teach It.”

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