• Rocco Baviera

  • Poked Studios/Jonathan Ball

  • Brendan McCaffrey

  • Sarah McMenemy

  • Julia Green

  • Catherine Pearson

  • Rob Ball

  • Brian Gossett

  • Caroline Attia

  • Jones & Company

  • Steve Simpson

  • blindSalida

  • Hugh Syme

  • Annick Poirier


Children’s Books

Children’s Books

Oct 7, 2019

Books inspire the next generation of creativity. Whether the content is fantastical or encyclopedic, the accompanying illustrations create a lasting …

A Decade with The Artworks

A Decade with The Artworks

Sep 23, 2019

This year marks the ten year anniversary of our partnership with the talented London based boutique illustration agency, The Artworks. Since 2009, Mendola …



Sep 20, 2019

Our creative illustrators can imagine the many potential directions to take your next book cover. This incredible range of talent spans all illustration …

Creative Caffeine !

Creative Caffeine !

Sep 13, 2019

Coffee is the new micro, craft brewed double IPA. In an era of single origin, fair-trade, cold drip, coffee knowledge affirms your credibility as a …