• Russell Benfanti

  • Dahl Taylor

  • Kate Forrester

  • Hugo Cuellar

  • Bill Ledger

  • Alexis Marcou

  • Jim Talbot

  • Tofunmi Yosola

  • Ben the Illustrator

  • Ana Jaks

  • Luis Pinto

  • Julia Green

  • Ryan Olbrysh

  • Jones & Company

  • Rocco Baviera


Toys and Games

Toys and Games

Jun 18, 2021

With such a strong roster of illustrators who specialize in toys and games design, it’s no surprise that this industry holds a special place in our …

A Spring in our Step

A Spring in our Step

Apr 12, 2021

We are emerging from the icy gloom of winter with a special spring in our step this year! The extra hours of sunshine, fresh breeze, and budding flowers …

Highlighting our Women Illustrators

Highlighting our Women Illustrators

Mar 11, 2021

Over 50 of our illustrators and 60% of our employees identify as women, making women crucial to the success of …

Portrait Illustrators

Portrait Illustrators

Mar 4, 2021

Capturing the details that make a portrait recognizable is no easy task. Our illustrators sharp artistic eyes pinpoint exactly what facial features, …