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The Artworks Illustration Agency

A boutique agency located in London, The Artworks represents a select group of talented illustrators from the UK and Europe. Since 2009, Mendola has been the group’s exclusive representative in North America, and it’s been a smashing success! The talent is an excellent complement to Mendola Art with many of the artists working primarily or completely in traditional media such as wood cut, watercolor, pen and ink, and gouache.  From book covers to editorial, packaging to lettering, characters to portraits, they bring unique creativity to any project.  Please take a look at a small selection of work from each artist and you can see a broad range of work in our portfolio section.

Rob Ball

S3_7Rihanna final


Andrew Davidson

adn0168 adn0204-800x1163


Chris Wormell

coloured frogpond


Heather Gatley

gatley place2_905
food-7a_905gatley portrait5a_905








Matt Cook



Kate Forrester

forrester LiveHappy_crop Something



Lucy Davey

artworks thankyou cover

barn-owl-pattern ld405-800x800










Lindsey Spinks

LS indsey S- MENDOLA e unnamed-4 Foods-of-Summer (1)


Dawn Cooper

DawnC_MendolaArt_BestOf2015_MothSnowstormCoverOnly DawnC_SallyClarke_Sample_GranolaPackaging


Debbie Powell

powell rizzoliDebbie Powell


Mary Woodin

chrysanthemums-in-honey-jar-lowpsd damsons-low










Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose final2_700 Lucy Rose LC007-800x1131


Adam HancherProf_poetry_2


Daniel Long


Laurindo Feliciano

Aug Laurindo Calendar_Rio copy



Jesus Sotes

sotes 4732124_orig


Rachel Saunders




Sneaky Raccoon


Sarah Gibb



Sarah McMenemy

Aireloom-Woman-in-Bed-ART-300dpi mcmen The-Salon-by-The-Sea-ART-1






Aurelia Lange

 1441792211293 apartement-web