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August Activities

We have a full month of summer left! Even with our annual travel plans canceled and our favorite destinations shut down, the world is our oyster this month. Keep scrolling to see a few of our favorite low-risk, adventurous activities which are sure to bring a spring to your step for the rest of the summer. We wish you all a safe, restorative, and lively August!

Jesus Sotes
Becoming one with nature

Holly Wales
Drinking spritzes

Jones & Company
Going on a bike ride

Brian Gossett
Witnessing a meteor shower

Lulu Debreuil
Learning a new recipe

Kirsten Ulve
Finding a quiet route to jog

Maren Schabhuser
Discovering a deserted island…or at least a new popsicle flavor

Harry Goldhawk
Sketching outside

Holly Maguire
Tending to the garden

Amy Grimes

Lucy Davey
Going Camping

Michael Crampton
Floating in a pool

Lucy Rose
Practicing yoga

Dawn Cooper
Picking wildflowers

Jude Buffum

Matthew Cook
Swimming with sharks…if you’re into that sort of thing!