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Kimberly Morris for Upwork

Books, Books, Books

We’ve been blogging about books this summer!

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but it’s certainly an important part – it sets the tone, creates a signature look for a series, and entices readers to turn the page.

We compiled a feature on illustrated book covers, done for Middle Grade, YA and Adult Novels, in mediums ranging from digital/vector and CGI to scratchboard and paper sculpture.

In another blog post, we highlighted our children’s book illustrators skilled in visual storytelling, with picture book examples in the genres of education, fiction, and fantasy. Illustrating children’s books is more than making pictures – it’s seeing through kids’ eyes and creating characters, environments, and visual narratives that they will relate to.

14 Years With The Artworks

This year is the 14th anniversary of our partnership with The Artworks Illustration Agency, a boutique agency based in the UK with a reputation for excellence. 

Lucy Rose

We exclusively represent The Artworks artists in North America – a relationship we’re very thankful for. Their diverse range of styles and media has been a wonderful addition to the Mendola Artists roster. See the complete list of the 31 talented Artworks artists whom we represent.

Darling Clementine
Matt Cook
James Weston Lewis
Sarah McMenemy

Reversible Lettering

The latest in our collaborations with Mattel, Inc. for their beloved Monster High line is Luke Lucas‘ ambigram of “Draculaura”. Dracula meets trapeze with this acrobat doll, and what better way to express that than to make her name equally acro-BAT-ic?

It was surely a challenge to make this one read the same upside down, but Luke is a pro. Featured on the (also reversible) packaging.

A Day in the Life of Ben the Illustrator

Ben O’Brien (of Ben the Illustrator and Ben Draws) was interviewed by Creative Bloq on all things illustration.

Check it out for some insightful discussion on the significance of illustration style, the recent weirdness of social media, and what a typical day looks like for a working illustrator.

Talent On Tap

Earlier this year, Kimberly Morris was commissioned by Upwork to illustrate some out-of-this-world stickers for their curated sticker book, “Talent On Tap“. The book, which was sent as a gift to Upwork’s clients and collaborators, showcases the work of a worldwide group of illustrators around the theme of remote work and limitless creative potential.

“My inspiration took me beyond the skies, as I illustrated stickers themed around outer space, a reminder that work knows no bounds—even among the stars.”

Kimberly Morris