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Kirsten Ulve | Top Picks

Kirsten Ulve‘s illustration and design work has appeared in virtually every medium.  Her work has graced the pages of magazines like Glamour Germany, Advertising Age and Group M publications, among others. Kirsten’s characters are perfect for toys and games.  The work has appeared on Broadway marquees and the sides of buses.  She is also an accomplished animator.  At this year’s Wanderlust Festival in Brooklyn, her art appeared on eccentric yoga mats sponsored by Adidas Women. She also designed colorful scarves for the Guggenheim, and five of her images are on permanent display at the Innside Nomad hotel. Kirsten’s recent projects are a visual testament to her diligence and dedication to the industry, making her a talent that our clients love to work with. We hope you enjoy the latest work from Kirsten as much as we do.

Ernie Ball Holiday Promotion Poster

Kirsten designed this wide format holiday promotion poster for the legendary California guitar string maker, Ernie Ball. The objective was to inspire consumers to find the perfect gifts for the guitarist in their life. The illustration has a punk style with bright colours with musicians rocking out into the new year.


Commissioned by Revery, Kirsten designed some yoga mats for an event sponsored by Adidas Women for this year’s Wanderlust Festival in Prospect Park, New York. They yoga mats were digitally printed on site with live laser engraving provided by Revery and matched with donations to the NYC Youth. A special thank you to producer  Cintamani Calise and the fabulous team at Happy Lucky PDX for the assistance on the project.

NYC Souvenir Scarves | Guggenheim Museum Store

The Guggenheim reached out to Kirsten to create these beautiful silk scarves that resemble the style and whimsy New York City is famous for. The scarves also function as an approximate map of the city should you ever find yourself lost there. It truly is the perfect gift/souvenir of New York and the New Yorker that is used to hustle and bustle. These limited edition scarves have been seen on former fashion director’s NYC Pretty’s Instagram as well as praise This is Story, a concept store.

Permanent Art Display| Innside Hotel 

From print to giant art display installations, Kirsten’s NYC prints became the must-have decor images for our client, Innside New York Nomad Hotel. The artwork is currently on display within the hotel and merchandise such as totebags, mugs, and t-shirts will also be sold within the hotel coming in January.