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Luis Pinto: Sketching Your Dreams

Mexican-Guatemalan illustrator Luis Pinto collaborated with Plaga Studio to create an interview piece for this year’s Adobe MAX Creativity Conference, which Luis will be a speaker in. The film showcases Luis’ creative process and inspirations drawn from his environment in Guatemala, with his illustrations coming to life around him.

Video by: Plaga Studio 
Direction: Antonio & Alejandro Campollo
Producers: Charlie Sadoff, Brin
Editing: Alejandro Campollo
Illustrations / Artist: Luis Pinto
Animation: Antonio Campollo
Cameras: Daniel Lopez, Antonio Campollo, Alejandro Campollo
Sound: Alex Hentze
Gaffer: Daniela Pinto
Behind the scenes: Charlie Orellana
Music: Alex Hentze & Cuervo Cuervo