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Raaga’s Song

Written and illustrated by Navina Chhabria and published by Running Press Kids, Raaga’s Song is a celebration of the Diwali holiday interwoven with an empowering folktale that teaches the importance of being true to oneself. Raaga channels the strength of Lord Rama to pursue her dream of singing at the annual Diwali mela at the Royal Place.

“In a modern folktale about courage, Chhabria leans into the Hindu mythology that underpins celebrations of Diwali across India. … Paired with a telling that explores prejudice and self-determination, colorblock art employs Indian iconography and folk art forms using a minimal, contrasting palette.”

Publishers Weekly

Navina is an Indian illustrator based in the U.S. who draws inspiration from her heritage to create strong female characters and tell powerful stories for children’s books, editorial, and advertising.