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Spring Illustration Week

As our lawns, farmer’s markets, and household plants provide us with the color we’ve waited for, we turn to see how our illustrators are capturing the season. We’re presenting packaging illustration, book covers, and character design. From natural and enchanting to bright and dazzling, each of these artists have mastered their style for the season.

Poked Studio has been posting “emoji insides” on Instagram for every occasion imaginable. One follower said this Spring emoji shows them what being a kid feels like. ?

Kate Forrester‘s type and illustration intertwine for the cover of the Wall Street Journal’s spring book section.

Tom Froese illustrates french spring wine

A fleeting Parisian springtime moment captured by Caroline Attia

Photo-realist Julia Green provides a picnic basket for two

Lindsey Spinks illustrates the sweet read, The House of Birds and Butterflies

Andrew Davidson convincingly captures the April Monte Carlo Masters in shadow and light

This year, James Boast witnessed cherry blossom season in Altstad, Germany

Mona Daly creates simple and graphic animals for landscape vignettes

Annick Poirer creates an arrangement of Spring products for Place Longueuil Shopping Mall

Kirsten Ulve depicts the wild spring real estate season

Russell Benfanti’s  pushes cute to a new level

A bewitching cover by Dawn Cooper — this was a dream project for her