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Steve Chorney: Inherent Vice

If you’ve been anywhere close to a television over the past couple of weeks, you have seen ads for the latest Paul Thomas Anderson movie: “Inherent Vice,” which opened this past Friday. Steve Chorney is responsible for most of the movie’s promotional material including character banners and web images, the re-issued book cover art, and a billboard for display along the Sunset Strip.

Steve says the project was a team effort. He quotes the following:

“It is worth noting that projects like this are rarely the result of one person’s efforts  alone.  The artworks for Inherent Vice were a “joint effort” (no pun).  For that reason, I will say I have immensely enjoyed assisting and being directed and on this film and other projects by a bevy of very talented and skillful Art Directors, Artists and Illustrators at BLT Communications, Ltd.”

Inherent Vice-billboard art

Inherent Vice_Web

The Inherent Vice website features a seated parody of DaVinci’s “Last Supper,” complete with pizza! You can personally scroll through and click each character for their background story.

IV Witherspoon


IV Brolin

Steve also created character banners for several of the actors, including Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon, and Josh Brolin.

Inherent-Vice Book Cover

The film adaption of “Inherent Vice” comes from the 2009 novel by Thomas Pynchon.