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“Peculiar” Illustrations by Andrew Davidson

“Peculiar” Illustrations by Andrew Davidson

Sep 13, 2016

Penguin Random House has released their new book, “Tales of the Peculiar” by Ransom …

The Artworks Illustration Agency

The Artworks Illustration Agency

May 16, 2016

A boutique agency located in London, The Artworks represents a select group of talented illustrators from the UK and Europe. Since 2009, …

Eye Catching Package Design

Eye Catching Package Design

Apr 14, 2016

We all know not to judge a book by its cover, but consumers are definitely influenced by good design. Mendola Artists can help ensure that your product is …

Custom Lettering and Type Design

Custom Lettering and Type Design

Feb 17, 2016

Custom lettering and type design has become one of the most popular creative choices as the primary visual element in design and …