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Best of 2023 Publishing and Editorial Work

2023 has been another great year of top-tier work from our illustrators. We collaborated on so many awesome projects, characterized by celebration, cultural significance, and creative expression. We’re thankful for our amazing clients and we look forward to another year of exciting work together! See the collection below of our best projects of the year in publishing and editorial.

Book Publishing:

Sam Ward illustrated Sara Ackerman’s novel inspired by true events, The Uncharted Flight of Olivia West
Luke Lucas created glowing lettering for Dr. Emily Morse’s Smart Sex
Navina Chhabria worked with Abbott Labs on a storybook encouraging young women to follow interests that could lead to STEM careers.
Marisa Ware paper-sculpted the cover art for Kirsten Simmons’ YA novel inspired by Japanese Folklore
Chris Wormell reimagined the cover of Hemingway’s Big Two-Hearted River for the new centennial edition from Harper Collins


Dana Smith’s photo-illustrations about inventors from NC State University
Stephanie Singleton for Harvard Business Review on the next phase of DEI
Rocco Baviera for FIU Business Now on Gen Z entering the workplace
James Boast for HR Magazine on return-to-office policies
BlindSALIDA for the University of Tampa about the impact of AI on education
Ryan Olbrysh created a series of photo-illustrations for a story in the AARP Publications app about the world-changers of 1973