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February 2024 Newsletter

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We made it through February, it’s the home stretch of winter (hopefully!), and we have some exciting work to share from these first two months of 2024. Read on!

Black History Month Spotlight: Stephanie Singleton

In February we spotlighted the figurative, introspective work of Toronto-based Black illustrator Stephanie Singleton, highlighting a collection of her projects which focus on diversity and equity, Black history, and Black experiences. Check out the full collection here, including book covers, editorial assignments, and a poster for the Washington National Cathedral.

Recent Work with Hasbro

There’s always something fun in the works with our artists who specialize in toys and games. Here are some exciting projects we worked on with the Hasbro team that were recently released!

Jim Talbot worked on packaging illustrations for new Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures action figure sets. The illustrations depict the characters Kai, Lys, Nubs and Nash from the Disney animated series that released in 2023. May the force be with you!

Zutto created adorable, snack-loving character illustrations for Hasbro’s new family card game, Piggy Piggy! Players use food cards to try to steal the most pigs, and watch out for the hungry goats. Zutto’s illustrations are used on the cards and game box, and in an animated gameplay instructional video.

Hugo Cuellar worked on artwork for the brand new game Life in Reterra, which simulates rebuilding communities in a future world. Hugo illustrated a view of this world for the game box art, and also illustrated characters, vignettes and icons for the game board and all of the cards. Life in Reterra was recently released in Cannes and rose to #2 on the Board Games Geek Hotness list in 3 days!

Flora Bai for TÖST

Those who are extending Dry January might like to try TÖST, a brand of sophisticated, delicious, alcohol-free sparkling beverages. Our illustrator Flora Bai has been working with them on imaginative illustrations to announce the different supermarkets where TÖST beverages have recently become available. Cheers!

Games Untold

The incredible journey of Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ Inheritance Games saga continues, with more striking work from 3D artist Katt Phatt. Katt illustrated the covers for all 5 Inheritance Games books, and the latest has just been released: Games Untold, a new collection of short stories and novellas featuring the cast of the series. And this time there are three special editions with exclusive content.