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June Newsletter

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Kenny Kiernan for SpinMaster

Creating Characters

Character design is relevant in several markets, particularly toys and games, children’s books, and packaging. On our blog we recently shared a collection of Mendola illustrators who are highly skilled in character design and development across a range of styles and specialties. Check out our characters!

Jim Talbot
Hugo Cuellar

LGBTQ+ Pride

In light of Pride Month, our recent Behance post showcases a collection of artwork inspired by LGBTQIA+ Pride and celebrating diverse identities, and ending with an animation by Emanuele Colombo which raises awareness about the experience of intersex people.

Emanuele Colombo: “I Am Intersex”

New Peet’s Coffee Flavors

Lucy Rose created a series of decorative and delicious illustrations for the packaging of three brand new flavors from Peet’s Coffee: Hazelnut Mocha, Caramel Brûlée, and Vanilla. We can’t wait to try these!

The Who’s Tommy

Luke Lucas was commissioned by Serino Coyne for a very exciting project: creating the key art for the return of the musical “The Who’s Tommy”. Originally opened in 1992 and coming to Chicago’s Goodman Theatre this summer, the production reinvents The Who’s 1969 rock opera concept album, “Tommy”. Luke’s 3D artwork really smashes the mirror.

Goosebumps House of Shivers

Since publishing in the 90’s, the original Goosebumps has become one of the best-selling series of books in history, resulting in spinoffs, merchandise, movies, a TV series, and a fanbase of all ages.

Now, R.L. Stine and Scholastic are releasing a new Goosebumps series, House of Shiversand it kicks off with spooktacular cover art from Robert Ball. So far Rob has illustrated the first two covers: Scariest.Book.Ever. and Goblin Monday.