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Navigating Maps

We make sense of the world by creating maps of our surroundings. These informative maps guide us through the uncharted territories of life, serving as educational materials to learn about faraway places, creative devices to expand our imagination and navigational tools to walk us through our next steps. Using their expert understanding of imagery, our illustrators’ two dimensional representations of “reality” balance functionality with creativity. Filled with clever icons and a fitting palette, the following maps are equal parts intuitive and exciting.

Jones & Company’s Country Map

Take a trip through all of France with a scan of the eye! Jones & Company’s colorful map highlights the country’s progress towards more efficient alternative energy sources.

Ben the Illustrator’s Marathon Map

Ben the Illustrator plots the path through London’s most iconic monuments for this year’s brave marathon runners. His stripped down version of London’s landscape accentuates the vast distance that these runners cover in their race.

Kirsten Ulve’s State Map

Kirsten’s sunny map guides you down an epic road trip on Route 1, highlighting the adventurous energy of the west coast without giving too much away.

Lucy Davey’s City Map

Lucy’s icon filled city map plans your next weekend getaway out for you, so you can relax and wander through the charming Charleston neighborhoods.

Heather Gatley’s Neighborhood Map

Heather pays homage to the historic French Quarter in New Orleans in her fitting purple and gold map.

Amanda Lima’s Moving Map

Amanda captures the energy of Lisbon by quite literally bringing her map to life. Ride the tram through the twisted city streets as your eyes travel down the animation.

Michael Crampton’s Cote D’Azur Map

You can almost feel the warm sea breeze in Michael’s romantic map of southern France.

Hannah Bailey’s Circus Map

Knowing where the restroom is during a public event is absolutely necessary. Hannah’s family friendly park map ensures an enjoyable day trip for everyone at the circus.

Josie Shenoy’s Monumental Map

Josie highlights all the major cultural landmarks and monuments in her tourist map of England’s capital.

Sarah McMenemy’s Map within a Map

Sarah’s little map in the top right corner of her map provides that extra bit of context to her quaint medieval Swiss town.

James Boast’s Tourist Maps

James inspires the wanderlust within us all with his series of cultural maps around the world.

Linsdey Spinks’s Patriotic Map

Lindsey subverts expectations by adding detail to the water and keeping the land an empty canvas in her map of the UK. This blank map functions as a backdrop to her detailed icons, which provide the cultural context in her illustration.

Jim Kopp’s Homesites Map

Communicate more clearly with potential clients using maps of future developments. That’s right, maps can show the future too.

Dawn Cooper’s Fictional Map

Dawn’s guide through the landscape of Beatrix Potter’s brilliant tale, Peter Rabbit builds the framework for a reader’s imagination.

Digital Progression’s Map of Success

Digital Progression mapped out the elements of success so you can navigate your business to its fullest potential.