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We are lucky enough to represent an incredible selection of innovative and diverse women illustrators. We are celebrating Women’s History Month and last week’s International Women’s Day with a look at how the following women of illustration push the boundaries of style, line, and color. From the colorful confidence of Kirsten Ulve’s editorial images to the vulnerable conversations explored in Kate Forrester’s hand-lettering to the textured CGI work by Linda Nye, these artists celebrate ever-evolving definitions of womanhood through the excellence in their art.


For the “Let’s Talk Campaign” about mental health, Kate Forrester hand-lettered poignant phrases directly on subject’s faces, and Charlie Cliff took their portraits. To commemorate International Women’s Day last Friday, Google asked Kate to illustrate the design below. When asked about what International Women’s Day meant to her. Kate said, “It is a chance to celebrate the progress we have made and consider what is yet to change for the better.


Kirsten’s special talent is her work has equal appeal to high fashion clients like Vogue and Glamour and toy companies like Hasbro and Fisher Price. With her playful colors, powerful shapes, and a variety of subject matter, her ambition is unstoppable.

KUntitled Fashion Illustration (Left), Sisters of February, Vogue Japan (Right)


Lucy’s lyrical style is a perfect fit for many publishing projects. With her ability to make pictures that also inspire others to say “Yes I Can”, we can see why our clients find her work to be incredible.


This Norwegian duo consists of designers and illustrators Ingrid Reithaug & Tonje Holand. With background in both graphic design and illustration they are happy to take on projects that involve both skill sets.


When looking for leading medical science illustrators, Linda Nye needs to be on your list.  Practically a scientist herself, Linda is able to process complex scientific data and turn it into understandable imagery using CGI software.


With over 45k followers on Holly’s Instagram page alone, it’s no surprise that there are people that want to keep up with Holly’s characters, botanicals, and patterns. Her work tends to have intricate detail, lots of colors and playful imagery made using gouache, pen, and ink.


Echo has over twenty five years of experience as a commercial artist and educator in the advertising field. She specializes in advertisements, packaging, posters, and book covers, for the most discerning clients.


Julia Green’s is a perfect representation of contemporary photo-realism. With this powerful image, you can expect brilliance in her work always.


Annick is not new to challenges or breaking down barriers. She is very passionate about painting, contemporary architecture, ecology, traveling/exploring, the outdoors and minimalist living.


In 2014, Rachael graduated from Falmouth University and has been working ever since. Her work centers around color, shape, and texture to create images that are vibrant and humorous. 


Lucy Rose’s work is largely inspired by vintage prints and art deco posters, using limited and muted colour palettes. Her work features a mixture of both narrative and decorative elements to create striking, graphic compositions.


Dawn’s work is heavily inspired by natural history and botanical illustrations, as well as things she has read or seen on her travels.  She is also a great lover of quotations, and telling stories through a singular image.


Amanda Lima’s work is inspired by everyday life. Her dream project would be to illustrate a cookbook from start to finish.


Mona Daly’s illustrations range from the simple and graphic with bold colors to more feminine with loose lines.  In each project she strives to create the highest quality image in a fresh new way that will please her and most importantly, her client. 


Kim Neale’s love of character design has resulted in successful collaborations with international brands such as Disney and Hasbro. Below are examples of her work of Maggie The Cow for Mayfield Ice Cream.


Heidi Scmidt believes that in order to keep the world a safe, clean and livable place we need smart, empathetic, problem-solving designers who go to work every day and get things done. Heidi is one of those designer/illustrators.


Combining handmade techniques and digital processes, Heather Gatley uses pencils, ink and paint to create her unique and versatile illustrations for a wide range of international clients. 


Debbie is most sought after for her carefully designed patterns. Debbie created the image below for the Natural History Museum’s “Dippy The Dinosaur” Tour. You can see Dippy, other creatures and scientific artifacts on posters promoting the tour. Follow the hashtag #DippyOnTour to follow Dippy’s journey.


Alexandria Zutto’s creative use of eccentric shapes and cool colors are what makes her work like no other illustrator out there. 


The kinds of projects we have seen come from Lindsey have been diverse. Her most recent project is a lift and learn picture book titled, ‘The Story of Music,’ fully illustrated with over 75 flaps to discover expected to come out soon.