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2019 Calendar Illustrations

The Mendola Artists 2019 Calendar Preview is here!  Thirteen Mendola artists contributed fantastic images that in some way relate to the month of the year, and we love the cool, relaxed cover image by Tom Froese.  All of the artists answered questions about their inspirations, secrets, and the last thing they watched on Netflix. We think it’s interesting that Kirsten Ulve had a double wedding with her sister in 2010, and  that Hugh Syme used to go by the name of “Schroeder” back in the day when he was in a band. We’ve included one of the fun facts for each artist in the preview below.  Best of all, enjoy the large reproductions of their illustrations to inspire you through the year.

Enjoy some sunshine in 2019!  Tom Froese illustrated this year’s calendar cover. We learned Tom loves jazz music and is sometimes inspired by thrift stores.  While Tom works, he listens to a lot of podcasts and sometimes a word corresponds directly to something he is drawing or looking at.

Julia Green – January

It’s time to ring in the new year with all kinds of possibilities with Julia Green! Fun fact about Julia: she listens to classical and trance music. When she isn’t creating artwork, you can probably find her binge-watching Westworld on Netflix in her bedroom.

Miracle Studios  – February

For February, Miracle Studios created an exciting scene of romance  between a couple in comic book style.   Fun fact:  Miracle worked on the concept boards for the first Batman movies.

Michael Crampton – March

Michael often fantasizes about being either on a Caribbean beach with a pina colada or in a bistro in France. For the month of March, he brings us to the Caribbean to enjoy the colors. Fun Fact:  Queen Latifah is Michael’s hero.

Rocco Baviera  Early on in his career, Rocco was inspired by illustrators from the golden age, like N.C. Wyeth and Bernie Fuchs. However, now he is drawn to work that is more graphic in nature, like mid-century artists Charley Harper, Jim Flora, and Mary Blair.  In Rocco’s free time, he tries to teach himself the acoustic guitar.

Echo Chernik – May

Echo Chernik is having one brilliant career. Here is a piece she did for Publix Supermarkets.  Echo’s dedication to the illustration world is inspiring:  she once worked through a Category Four hurricane to stay on deadline!

Lindsey Spinks – June

Lindsey Spinks is one of a kind, with scenes that make you want to be part of the illustration, Lindsey felt like a perfect fit to start the month of June. In her studio, you will unearth a collection of Moleskin sketchbooks, witness her love of tea and biscuit packaging and find her drawing at her desk with her two dogs, Elsie and Lilly.

Katt Phatt –  July

Let’s groove into July with Katt Phatt’s vibrant and intricate lettering. Katt specializes in hand lettering, digital art, retouching, 3D, and illustration. Katt is inspired by soccer and goes to his mother for advice on everything.

Jones & Co – August

Dylan of Jones & Co. is one of our busiest illustrator/animators. He collects vinyl toys by James Jarvis and finds inspiration from his work. Back in the day, Dylan used to go by Theory One, his long-retired graffiti name.

Chris Wormell – September

Chris Wormell does it all from drawing to engraving, or working on his tablet. Lately, He’s been doing a lot of pen and ink drawing.  We were excited to learn that after his wife and children, he relies on his agents for advice.

Kirsten Ulve –  October

Kirsten Ulve was the perfect pick for October because she loves Halloween and it’s her birthday month. Fun fact: Kirsten and her  sister had a double wedding.  And her favorite subject is the history and vibration of color.

Hugh Syme – November

We’re going to remember November with Hugh Syme’s photo illustration of the album cover “The Geography of Light” by Carrie Newcomer. Hugh is best known for his work with the band RUSH and more recently, Dream Theater. He is a lover of all kinds of music.

Luke Lucas – December

Happy Holidays from Luke Lucas. He is one of the most outgoing introvert artists you could talk to. When asked what was the most recent show he has binge-watched, he said it was Showtime’s “Shameless”.  Earlier this year he did the lettering for season 9’s poster.