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A Deep Dive into Surface Design

Despite the name, surface designs are far from a superficial illustration style. It takes an in-depth understanding of spatial awareness and a strong design sense to pull off these depth-less patterns. Surface design illustrations have to take into consideration the size, shape, and texture of a product, whether it’s packaging, textile, wall paper, digital, etc. Our illustrators are challenged with finding a way to seamlessly repeat their image or fill the surface with entirely original imagery. Either way, an extreme attention to detail and clever problem-solving is required for perfecting a surface design.

Darling Clementine

floral surface design

Debbie Powell

Harry Goldhawk

Foxes in a forest design

Kate Forrester

winter landscape surface design
alphabet surface design

Josie Shenoy

Lucy Davey

koi pond

Holly Wales

Lucy Rose

dancing women surface design

Mary Woodin

cherry tomatoes

Laura Barrett

ornate surface design

Holly Maguire

Annick Poirier

Amanda Lima

Daniel Ting Chong

cucumbers surface design