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A Spooky Spring Special

This is not a trick, our illustrators are already hard at work conceptualizing this year’s spooky treats. Halloween’s creepy creatures, crazy costumes, and colorful candy make for a thrilling illustration. The following illustrators find their own place on the spooky spectrum, bringing to life hauntingly creative projects for their clients.

James Shepherd

James’ creepy and cute cartoons–emphasis on the creepy–scream Halloween. He has perfected his repertoire of monsters: illustrating mummies, vampires, skeletons, witches, Frankenstein, clowns and everything in between!

Steve Simpson

Steve does not walk the line between order and chaos, he dances it. His work is bound to add a fun and festive twist to packaging and products any time of year, however we have to admit, he does Halloween especially well.

Orlando Arocena

Orlando’s rich background in movie poster illustrations has prepared him to recreate all of Halloween’s most popular costumes. Using his innovative approach to vector art, he layers vibrant colors with action packed detail to construct the iconic super heroes and super villains of our generation.

Kirsten Ulve

Kirsten’s brilliant design sense creeps into everything she does: her colorful critters make terrifying trendy.

Rob Ball

Known as the Game of Thrones illustrator, Rob Ball is no stranger to the world of fantasy. Halloween gives him the opportunity to take his twisted, demonic characters to a whole new level.

Russell Benfanti

Russell can make absolutely anything be adorable–even the undead. His Halloween critters will get you excited to go trick-or-treating, rather than too scared to leave your house.

Laura Barrett

Laura’s eerily quiet, haunted scenes are proof that sometimes less is more. Keep the mystery of Halloween alive with one of her spooky silhouettes.

Poked Studio

Poked Studio lives in fantasy land all year round, but his bubbly characters seem to be especially enthusiastic about Halloween.

Echo Chernik

Echo’s sensational steampunk figures reveal the magical side of Halloween. She casts a spell on her viewer with each mystical character’s blend of art nouveau and elven enchantments.