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Artist of the Month, January 2020: Kirsten Ulve

Welcome to our new monthly micro podcast A Moment With Mendola. In this podcast, we spend a minute asking our 2020 calendar illustrators questions about themselves and their work. Our illustrators have not seen these questions in advance, so this is truly a stream of consciousness moment. Of course, all are welcome to skip any questions they do not wish to answer.

This month, the creator of our January 2020 illustration Kirsten Ulve sat down with us, and we recorded the first episode of A Moment With Mendola. Kirsten is an award winning New York City based illustrator, who blends crisp conceptual designs with her endless sense of fun. Her work has appeared on the covers of magazines, in international ad campaigns, on the sides of buses, on Broadway marquees, in animated cartoons and tv commercials, on children’s clothing, and in the form of games, watches, and toy figurines around the globe.

Take a minute to listen to A Moment With Mendola Featuring Kirsten Ulve

Kirsten’s January 2020 Calendar Illustration

More work by Kirsten Ulve

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