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Artist of the Month, September 2020: Katt Phatt

With influences ranging from the Rococo and Victorian era to steampunk, South African illustrator and art director Katt Phatt specializes in CG products, 3D typography, and decorative art. He creates work in all spaces within image-making: retouching, compositing, 3D art, illustration, lettering, and most recently, photography.

Since representing South Africa at the 2014 Art Directions Club in New York City, Katt has gone on to become one of the youngest Loeries Judges in 2016 and win the coveted Black Pixel for Best Digital Youngster by the IAB Bookmarks 2017, an award defined by the IAB as, “A person under 28 who has made a significant contribution to digital through their work.” Katt rethinks what’s possible when it comes to digital design and type as image. His extensive client list includes the brands: Nike, Amazon, Amtrak, Hachette Book Group, and Adobe.

Listen to our newest episode of A Moment With Mendola featuring Katt Phatt to learn about the illustration scene in South Africa, when he realized he was an illustrator, and so much more.

Listen to A Moment With Mendola Featuring Katt Phatt