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Best Of 2021

2021 was a year of hope and moving forward. Our artists have submitted outstanding pieces of work from advertising, packaging, editorial, publishing, and toys, plus a few interesting personal projects for our Best Of 2021. Before we say goodbye to 2021 for good, take a moment and look back, celebrate, and find inspiration for 2022! 

We have four categories for our Best of 2021: Campaigns, Packaging, Book/Editorial, and Cool Designs. Scroll through one, some, or all of the posts to find work that strikes your fancy!


We are highlighting a few of our larger advertising projects with multiple images and executions: CGI character work for 3M, a series of storybooks for Abbott Labs, and vector illustrations for Nike women’s apparel are among the selections. 

Agent Bob created CGI characters and backgrounds for the new 3M Advanced Filtering Face Mask, Elevate Your Air campaign. 

Lucy Davey was commissioned by the pharmaceutical company Abbott Medical and the design agency Attention Global to illustrate three children’s books that raise awareness of Diabetes.

Julia Green illustrated for Switzerland’s Climate Protection Association, portraying a hopeful vision of a cleaner, better future for Switzerland.

Ana Jaks illustrated Nike Women’s NAQ (never asked questions) campaign.

Jones & Company was commissioned to design and illustrate the keyframes for an animation for Nasoya Foods.

Luis Pinto was commissioned to design and illustrate the keyframes for the animated story of Jocelyne Rivera, ’21, NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholar. Jocelyne is part of The University of Arizona’s Wonder campaign, celebrating exceptional scholars.

Annick Poirier created a promotional illustration series for a Red Bull Symphonic event in Switzerland merging contemporary hip hop artists with a classical orchestra. The artistic direction was to digitally paint all the rappers in a Renaissance painting style while having the artists wear/hold a contemporary accessory to create a fun clash.


We collaborate weekly with major global brands, from toys and games to food and beverage. 2021 brought many fantastic projects, including Pringles, Makers Mark, Angry Orchard, and Sharper Image. 

Orlando Arocena illustrated the packaging for Sharper Image’s laser tag game set.

Ben The Illustrator had the opportunity to design a jigsaw puzzle for Galt Toys and Falcon Contemporary featuring his local city of Bristol.

Darling Clementine designed and illustrated the packaging for Kalev chocolate.

Andrew Davidson designed the Bottle Neck Drip Images For Makers Mark.

Chris Dellorco designed a new package for Pringles that served as a tie-in promotion with Wendy’s, featuring their spicy chicken sandwich.

Lulu Dubreuil was commissioned by Little Spoon to illustrate their new packaging for their new cold-pressed organic smoothie pouches.

Kenny Kiernan was asked to design, illustrate and coordinate the production of the game Popcorn Party for Endless Games (now part of Goliath Group).

Bill Ledger illustrated a graphic for Farm Run.

Amanda Lima created a collection of paper toys for Moon Paper Toys Club.

Jeff Mangiat provided illustrations for Angry Orchard Halloween.

Brendan McCaffrey created packaging for Spinmaster and their Snap ships.

Kim Neale redesigned the Drakes Snack’s Webster character in CGI.

Lucy Rose designed the rebranded label for Heron Valley Drinks.

Kirsten Ulve designed and illustrated limited edition Pringles holiday packaging for Halloween and Christmas.

Chris Wormell was commissioned to illustrate the new label for Smooth Ambler Old Scout Bourbon Whiskey.

Book/ Editorial

Ranging from book and magazine covers to illustrative features to compliment articles, our artists can create illustrations that can say 1,000 words. check out work for TIME, Penguin Random House, and Little Brown.

Robert Ball illustrated Future Worlds for Lonely Planet Kids.

Rocco Baviera provided a cover illustration for FIU Business, “The Business of Healthcare: How COVID-19 Changed the Landscape.”

Matt Cook illustrated a portrait of Stephen Fry for Penguin Books.

Heather Gatley illustrated maps and Mediterranean food features in Waitrose Magazine.

Tom Newsom illustrated a snowy Santa scene for a personal project.

Ryan Olbrysh provided an illustration for TIME to accompany the article, The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.

Katt Phatt illustrated the cover for The Inheritance Games Trilogy.

Sam Ward illustrated a series of book covers for the French Publisher Gallmeister. These books were initially published in English and are now translated into French.

Mary Woodin was asked to illustrate a series of editorial pieces for Rotary Magazine. The article the illustrations accompanied was on the reintroduction of Arctic Grayling fish into the Boardman River.

Tofunmi Yosola was commissioned by Penguin Random House to illustrate Abby Collette’s book, Body and Soul.

Cool Designs

A Napa Valley wine festival poster, art for the Masters of the Universe exhibition, cycling jersey designs, and personal work are included in this interesting category.

Tim Boelaars captured and illustrated Qindle Innovation & Design’s company ethos for a slight rebranding.

Michael Crampton provided a cover poster for The 15th anniversary of the Napa Valley wine and music festival.

Todd Detwiler provided illustrations for American Express to show how business has shifted since 2019 (pre-pandemic) and how professionals would adjust to “the new normal.”

Luke Lucas created artwork for a Masters Of The Universe Exhibition.

Alexis Marcou illustrated an action portrait of Apolo Ohno for HVMN and their powder keto matcha supplement.

Carolina Peláez designed a pattern for Brunicio for one of their new jerseys.

Steve Simpson illustrated for a personal project, ‘Journey to Mindfulness.’

Dana Smith created a personal project after finding inspiration from old snapshots found in his late father’s home.