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blindSalida illustrates Successful Farming’s 2017 Tech Issue

Art director Matt Strelecki of Successful Farming chose blindSalida to illustrate the entire 2017 Tech issue. It was an incredible undertaking: the cover, six full pages, eight quarter pages, and numerous icons. Matt felt blindSalida’s vector conceptual  illustrations would be the perfect complement to an issue devoted to the changes technology is bringing to farming. Check out a sampling of the images below.

Blindsalida’s robot is featured on the cover and for the first opener.

The illustrator’s spot illustrations clarify new tech knowledge. Vector lines, a limited palette of blue and yellow, and graphic shapes invite readers to adopt new technologies.

Explore the many components of living soil.

A family farm discusses how they manage their record keeping and data.

Flick a switch to unlock a yielding crop characteristic.

BlindSalida’s infographic maps the future impact of robotics on farming.

Blindsalida’s portraits cleverly resemble infographics yet expertly capture likenesses. These portraits were created for Q&A articles with industry senior product director and senior farm inputs analyst.