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Deloitte Insights: Capacity for Change

Dana Smith, Luke Lucas and blindSALIDA created illustrations for Deloitte Insights Magazine Issue 31: Capacity for Change, focusing on the ways that organizations around the world can adapt and innovate to meet the challenges of the year ahead.

Dana Smith Challenging the orthodoxies of brand trust
Organizations increasingly understand the importance of building trust with their customers, partners, and workforce, but trust can be hard to earn, difficult to measure, and easily lost—and underlying assumptions may be hampering their efforts.
Luke Lucas Flourishing in ambiguity
In times of uncertainty, when there’s a dearth of reliable data, leaders might find that the best way forward is to act first and decide later.
blindSALIDA Meeting the challenge of supply chain disruption
Deloitte, in collaboration with Manufacturers Alliance, examines how traditional manufacturing supply chains are evolving to balance costs, efficiency, and resilience.