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Editorial Illustrators

Mendola Artists boasts a diverse selection of brilliant editorial illustrators. From newspapers to magazines to academic journals, our artists think up fresh conceptual illustrations. Using an array of mediums and styles, the following editorial illustrators bring both technical expertise and sharp concepts to every project.

blindSALIDA for the Harvard Business Review and Deloitte

Rocco Baviera for Harvard Magazine

Ben The Illustrator for the Boston Globe

Lucy Rose for Deloitte.

T.M. Detwiler for the New York Times

Ryan Olbrysh for Empire Magazine

Jones & Company for Cosmopolitan

Kirsten Ulve for the New York Times

Beugism for Wine Spectator

Matthew Cook

James Boast for Bulletin Magazine

Brian Gossett for UT Dell Medical School

Catherine Pearson for the Wall Street Journal

Heather Gatley for Evening Standard

Jaye Kang for The Real Deal/New York

Aaron Sacco for Forbes Magazine

Jude Buffum for D Magazine

Dan Sipple for Cincinnati Magazine

Maren Schabhuser for Couch Magazine Germany

Darling Clementine

Luke Lucas for Los Angeles Magazine

Eran Mendel

Sam Ward

Hugh Syme for the University of Alberta New Trail Magazine