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Highlighting our Women Illustrators

Over 50 of our illustrators and 60% of our employees identify as women, making women crucial to the success of Mendola Artists. Although we celebrate their hard work and talent all year round, we are highlighting a few of our women illustrator’s greatest projects from the past year in honor of Women’s History Month.

Kirsten Ulve for Brave Women FLX

Kirsten Ulve created the illustration for the Finger Lakes Regional Tourism Council’s campaign “Where Brave Women Winter.” This campaign sheds light on the region’s influence as an epicenter for women’s rights in honor of the centennial of the 19th Amendment.

Caroline Attia for The New York Times

Caroline Attia illustrated and animated the WeekendArts cover illustration/GIF of The New York Times, “High Time for Fun.”

Julia Green for Hasbro

Julia Green illustrated Hasbro’s packaging for the Go Green edition of their classic board game Monopoly.

Kate Forrester for the San Diego Zoo

Kate Forrester illustrated the San Diego Zoo’s 2021 New Year greeting card.

Mary Woodin for KeVita

Mary Woodin created the fruit illustrations for KeVita’s new packaging. Owned by Pepsi Co., KeVita is an extensive range of probiotic drinks, kombucha, and drinking vinegars.

Catherine Pearson for Adobe MAX

Catherine Pearson was selected to be part of Adobe’s CoCreate: MAX Illustration Team for the virtual 2020 Adobe MAX conference. She created two downloadable artworks for Adobe MAX event attendees.

Zutto for The Washington Post

Zutto illustrated a cover and interior illustration for The Washington Post Local Living section’s article, “The Dark Side of Empathy: Seven ways to teach tweens to give to others without sacrificing themselves.”

Rachael Saunders for Echo Tango

Rachael Saunders was commissioned by the creative agency Echo Tango to create a short animation for the Department of Children & Family Services in Louisiana. The animation helps parents who are considering relinquishing their baby under Louisiana’s Safe Haven Law.

Heidi Schmidt for Girl Scouts

Heidi Schmidt illustrated a series of robotics badges for the Girl Scouts. Her badges were featured on the Girl Scouts’ 2020 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade float.

Lindsey Spinks for The New York Times

Lindsey Spinks illustrated a map for the cover of The New York Time‘s Real Estate section titled, “The Neighborhood Name Game.” Her map depicted New York City, highlighting the forgotten and fascinating names of neighborhoods within the 5 burrows.

Kim Neale for Coca Cola

CGI artist Kim Neale brought the iconic Coca-Cola Polar Bear family back to life for Coca-Cola’s 2019 Holiday campaign. 

Darling Clementine for H&M

Darling Clementine illustrated a selection of H&M’s gift cards for ladies, birthdays, kids, and men.

Lucy Rose for UCLA

Lucy Rose illustrated UCLA Health‘s feature, “The Day After,” which explores what will happen after Covid-19.

Sarah McMenemy for NC State University Alumni Magazine

Sarah McMenemy created a series of illustrations for NC State University Alumni Magazine‘s article about a cafe near the campus which encourages it’s clients to donate the cost of a meal towards a member of the community who cannot afford to pay.

Laura Barrett for Orchard Books

Laura Barrett illustrated the picture book The Story of the Nativity written by Geraldine McCaughrean and published by Orchard Books.

Heather Gatley for LCBO

Heather Gatley illustrated a mural design for the Canadian Liquor retailer LCBO’s flagship store.