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Hispanic Heritage Month

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re featuring the work of our Hispanic artists!

Luis Pinto is a Mexican illustrator based in Guatemala whose work has been seen in advertising, packaging, murals, and magazines. Much of his artwork contains patterns, colors, and themes reminiscent of traditional Mexican folk art.

From Luis:

“My Mexican roots and Latin/Hispanic heritage are some of the themes I always love to explore in my work through form and (especially) color. There is so much love, heart and symbolism in the food you taste, the people you meet, wonderful colors that you can find everywhere as well as the traditions you share with your loved ones. They are part of who I am and I feel very proud and happy to share them with the world. My cultural background in one word: ‘celebration’.”

Orlando Arocena is a Mexican-Cuban-American vector artist. You may know him for having spearheaded the vector freestyle, or for designing the iconic splash artwork for Adobe Illustrator ’14. Also among his achievements are receiving 5 Clio Awards and being Brand Ambassador for Z by HP. 

Orlando has worked on movie/event posters, merchandise, magazine covers, and package designs, and has provided creative solutions for some of the world’s most recognizable brands. His signature “Mexifunk” style is inspired by Mexican culture and the style of graffiti he admired while growing up in the Bronx – and it changed the world of digital art.

Carolina Peláez is a Colombian vector illustrator whose work is recognizable by its decorative quality, striking solid colors, and inspiration from nature. Her illustrations are saturated with exotic wildlife. Carolina has experience in textile and graphic design, branding, design researching, and illustration for all kinds of brands. Her work is beautiful on product packaging, in advertisements, and even on clothing.

From Carolina:

“My work always was inspired by Colombian biodiversity and culture, the direct contact with nature, exotic fruits, flowers and animals. I think it is a privilege to be born here, Colombia is one of seventeen megadiverse countries in the world and has a long tradition of celebrating flowers, beginning with indigenous people. There are more species of birds and orchids here than in any other country. I really enjoy discovering new plants or birds near my studio in Medellín, my city, which is a big beautiful garden.
I create illustrations full of details and bright colors formed by solid vectors, trying to bring all these handling colors, emotions, textures, and the stunning natural beauty details to my work.
Just wanting to strengthen the environmental awareness and a sense of pride for our natural heritage.”