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Illustrating the New Year!

Greatness happens when art and life collide. We asked 13 of our Mendola artists to contribute to our 2018 calendar and answer our questions about their inspirations, secrets, and studio habits. We think it’s cool that Julia Green, the photo-realistic illustrator, keeps birds in the studio. Luke Lucas has watched the hypnotic nature of the swell lines in the ocean and it shows in his illustration. Our artists shared details and we’re sharing them with you in our 2018 calendar. Best of all, enjoy the large reproductions of their illustrations to inspire you through the New Year. Take a look at our illustrators and if your interested in a calendar get in contact with us!

Kate Forrester – Cover

Kate’s illustration, “murmuration,” shows a flock of white birds swirling above the water. The illustration is lovely, graphic, and bold.

Todd Detwiler – January

Todd is the kind of guy that makes things happen, on or off the slopes. He shows us the gear you need to conquer everything nature throws at us.

Rob Ball – February

Rob specializes in portraits and decorative vector imagery. For him February is a time when you can feel the earth goddess breathing life into the world again.

Katt Phatt – March

Katt has created a vibrant 3D/CGI style for the entertainment industry that resonates. Check out his infusion of steampunk/industrial themed music machine.

Laurindo Feliciano – April

Laurindo created a piece where we could feel something fresh with the bright colors and graphic elements mixed to classical botanical elements. Let April be a time to listen to Laurindo’s sage advice, “Try to understand your own movement, work hard, respect people and put love in everything you do.”

Julia Green – May

In May, it’s time to party with Julia Green. Her photo-real illustration places us in Palm Springs CA. Fun fact about Julia: she fantasizes about being a bird.


Luke Lucas – June

Luke is sending you good vibes from his studio to yours in June. He checks in with the ocean every day and practices yoga and meditation which helps to keep him in the right frame of mind to do what he needs to do with the least amount of friction.

Miracle Studios – July

Miracle Studios brings us a Marvel Comics image with Captain America leading the way for Independence Day. Terry Tidwell is skilled in immersing himself in a virtual world to solve problems.

Michael Crampton – August

Michael often fantasizes about being either on a Caribbean beach with a pina colada or in a bistro in France. In August he brings us an illustration inspired by 1950/1960’s travel posters.

Linda Nye – September

September can be a time for study and Nye provides an illustration that allows us to study the invisible forces of life. 3D computer modeling has allowed her to explore the structure of the body from inside out.

Hugh Syme – October

Syme places us on a spooky fall day by giving us a photo-realistic illustration of a cat gathering.

Chris Wormell – November

Wormell, a British artist, was inspired by the American landscape for his print. He tells us, “everything is possible,” and captures enchantment.

Lucy Davey – December

Davey grew up by the Devon County sea side which gives her images atmosphere. She based this illustration’s color palette on an illustration she created for UK magazine Country Living.