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Jeff Wack’s Greatest Hits

Jeff Wack has had a long successful career as a photorealistic illustrator working on major advertising, promotional, and packaging projects.  Clients as diverse as Godiva chocolates and Broadway show productions have asked Jeff to bring their visions to life.  Jeff’s recent projects are a virtual Greatest Hits album featuring music assignments for Steve Perry and Stone Poet, a fun faux romance series for Gain detergent, and packaging art for Select Brands Blond Coffee.


Commissioned by friend Steve Perry for the cover of his anticipated 3rd solo album, Jeff worked closely with Steve on a long list of elements to include within a celestial “park setting”. The scene includes a deep surreal landscape with Steve Perry’s name in lush detail. Jeff’s photoreal style was perfect to create a believable fantasy world. Hearing the tunes from the “Traces” album, and you can see the vision Steve had in mind.  Be sure to check out the detailed crops.

Key to the Church  STONE POET

Artwork for Michael Stone, (Sharon Stone’s brother)  This is the poet’s first album. Songs of urban angst and other thoughtful prose with unique and mesmerizing musical accompaniment.


This social media campaign is a play on romance cover art, couples in love (and in the sink, ha) are disrupted by the intoxicating scent of Gain. Upon being smitten by the overpowering and wonderful fragrance they disregard their current passion as they succumb to being true “Gainiacs”.


Heavenly Blonde, Sun Kissed Blonde, evoking midcentury pinups, beautiful women are seen radiant in the sunshine and on the slopes of a snowy slope skiing.  And a California blonde in a classic Cadillac takes her car out for a top down spin in the sunshine amidst the towering palm trees.  Makes me want to sit and have a sip of that coffee!