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Michael Crampton and Joseph Taylor Take on Dreamforce 2017

For this year’s Dreamforce event in San Francisco, CA, Michael Crampton and Joseph Taylor were commissioned to create illustrations reminiscent of WPA National Park posters from the 40s. Dreamforce is a massive annual conference by the software company, Salesforce, with the goal of inspiring attendees in their sales and marketing efforts. Michael and Joe’s natural styles were a perfect fit. The dark silhouetted shapes in the foreground frame the central elements to create an inviting look into the event. Michael’s illustration seems to scroll forever down the conference home page, featuring Saleforce’s headquarters in San Francisco and mascots such as Einstein. Joe created seven header illustrations for each of the main topics of the conference. Check out their hard work below!

Michael Crampton’s home page illustrations and a look into his rough draft process.

Joe Taylor’s header illustrations filled with playful animals, beautiful mountain views and Einstein hanging with the crew.