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Operation Christmas Child

Bill Ledger was commissioned by Samaritan’s Purse to create 5 illustrations for Operation Christmas Child, to run on social media. Every year, the organization packs boxes for children who live in poverty, and delivers them.

Scroll down to see the illustrations and read the amazing facts that inspired each image.

In 2021, Processing Center Volunteers traveled more than 18.4 million miles. That’s enough to drive every road in the US 4 times.

In 2021, 10.5 million shoebox gifts were packed. Those boxes weigh the same amount as more than 500,000 alpacas.

If every shoebox gift ever packed was stacked on top of each other, they would be tall enough to reach the international space station 59 times.

Over 30 million children have enrolled in The Greatest Journey since 2009. That is enough children to fill more than 415,000 school buses!

If every trained teacher of The Greatest Journey stood arm to arm, they would reach from our Boone Processing Center to our Denver Processing Center.