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Ted Baker

Jeff Wack has illustrated five campaigns for Ted Baker since 2016. He photographs and illustrates Ted Baker’s stylish glasses frames along with creating his own bold and brilliant characters.

See more of Jeff Wack’s work here.

“Flocking Good Frames” 2016/2017

Some wild game of different feathers meet and fall in love over their mutual attraction to stylish frames.

“The Height of Style” 2017

Giraffes take in the rarefied fashion eyewear from above the clouds.

“Instant Wisdom/Sharper Vision” 2017/2018

Two fine specimens of Owlhood get cosmic about optical frames.

“Totally Fly Catching” 2018

Chameleons often get hungry sporting stylish specs.

“Movie Heroes” 2019

Classic Hollywood has nothing but good fashion to fear from these homages with clever credits.