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Mary Woodin created the fruit illustrations for KeVita’s new packaging. Owned by Pepsi Co., KeVita is an extensive range of probiotic drinks, kombucha, and drinking vinegars. To begin this rebranding project, KeVita gave Mary a detailed overview of their typical customer: people dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and who believe in the physical and emotional impact of their diet on their well being. Mary, who had recently started brewing her own kombucha at home, was genuinely interested in their ethos and the perfect match. Mary worked from life whenever possible to best capture the variety of textures and colors of each piece of fruit, often picking the fruits from her own garden. Everything was painted separately and then combined in Photoshop to the designer’s layout.

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Mixed fruit Mary Woodin Kevita illustration

Mixed fruit Mary Woodin Kevita rebranding

Mary Woodin Kevita packaging

Mary Woodin Kevita packaging

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