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Summer Sports

It’s time to turn off our winter hibernation mode, leave the comfort of the couch, and take advantage of the long, summer days! Our illustrators double as motivational coaches with their inspiring athletic imagery, so get your summer sports gear ready as you scroll through these illustrations.

James Boast – James’ multi-tiered, action-packed illustration gives his viewer options for the intensity of their workout: cardio, yoga, or wine drinking.

Eran Mendel – Bring the gym outside! Eran approaches heavy lifting with a delightful sense of humor in this GIF.

BlindSalida – Nothing quite beats playing an outdoor game of pick-up basketball with friends. BlindSalida plays with geometry as his characters play with the ball in his flat, graphic illustration.

Jaye Kang – Catch up on your podcasts with a long, slow jog. Jaye’s figure playfully captures the energy of going for a care-free jog.

Laurindo Feliciano – …Meanwhile, Laurindo is all about form as he sprints past his dog in a foot race!

Lucy Davey – Create peaceful moments throughout your adventuring. Lucy captures the serenity of curling up in with a good book after a day filled with canoeing and hiking.

Beugism – Cool off by cannon-balling into the nearest pool! Beugism effectively captures movement while maintaining his flat, infographic look.

Rocco Baviera – I think we can all agree that butterfly catching counts as a summer sport. Rocco’s whimsical illustration beautifully captures the wholesome energy of this activity.

Caroline Attia – As healthy as it is to get out and be active, it is equally important to slow down and take time to stretch and breathe. Caroline guides her viewer through a few favorite yoga poses.