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Toys and Games

With such a strong roster of illustrators who specialize in toys and games design, it’s no surprise that this industry holds a special place in our hearts. We represent illustrators who cover every aspect of the toy and game design process, from character design to environments to packaging. Keep scrolling to get a glimpse into the wildly creative world of toys and games design here at Mendola Artists.

For the Tots

Hugo Cuellar

Russell Benfanti

Jim Talbot

Mona Daly

Kim Neale

Lucia Gaggiotti

Bill Ledger

Kenny Keirnan

Amanda Lima

Sam Ward

A Little More Edgy

James Shepherd

Jeff Mangiat

Andrey Gordeev

Poked Studio

Special Edition

Steve Chorney

Orlando Arocena

Steve Anderson

Robert Ball


Steve Simpson

Catherine Pearson

Lulu Dubreuil



Julia Green

Brendan McCaffrey