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Welcome…To Our Future

Hagerty, the renown automotive publication, devoted their most recent issue to the future of the car.  And they hired photorealist Hugh Syme to create the cover and five full page interior illustrations.  Hugh is known for his surreal imagery for Rush and other rock bands. He was asked to imagine a world where electric and autonomous cars co-existed with the cars we’ve grown up with.  Not exactly the Jetsons  but pretty cool stuff.

Not so Fast – the transportation revolution might be coming, but the roll out is slow

Peaceful Coexistence – How yesterdays cars might mix with tomorrows autonomous traffic

Silicon Age Service – Owning a classic might actually be easier in the decades ahead

The Fate of Fuel – Gasoline’s had a long run, but few agree on how much longer

To view Hugh’s internationally-renowned album covers, advertising campaigns, portrait work, and packaging designs follow link.