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Women Empowering Women

On International Women’s Day, we honor women empowering women all around the world. We highlight this theme through the bold and beautiful illustrations created by the many women illustrators we represent. Beyond their extensive careers as skilled illustrators and animators, these women are ambitious entrepreneurs, teachers, mothers, athletes, activists, travelers, friends, fashion icons…the list goes on! The many passions our illustrators pursue outside of illustration inspire their unique styles and diverse concepts. Today we celebrate this diversity and our illustrators’ support for other women, which is made evident the inclusive, empowering imagery they create.

Let’s raise a toast…

To embracing independence!
Lucy Davey

an independent woman

To vulnerability and honesty!
Kate Forrester

mental health awareness campaign, Let's Talk.

To scientific discoveries!
Lucy Rose

To trend-setters!
Lulu Dubreuil

To work/life balance!
Sarah McMenemy

life as a working mother

To body positivity!
Caroline Attia

empowering nude woman gif

To changing the course of history!
Annick Poirier

Portrait of Tarana Burke, founder of #MeToo

portrait of empowering activist Tarana Burke

To teaching the next generation!
Darling Clementine

elementary school teacher

To empathy!

girl showing empowering empathy

To supportive friendships!
Holly Maguire

friends sleepover with face masks

To dancing to the beat of your own drum!
Kirsten Ulve

workout woman dancing fashion illustration gif

To strong minds and strong legs!
Julia Green

empowering woman doing yoga on a surfboard

To femininity!
Dalia Adillon

empowering ovaries illustration